Like many other sectors, technology has found a way to affect the food industry. Although this might not be the first thing one thinks about when mentioning either food or technology, the two are colliding now more than ever before, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI came into play with computer scientists looking for better ways to automate functionalities. Together with machine learning, the two can increase efficiency and reduce human error. Factors such as hygiene and other tiring chores in restaurants can quickly get easier with robotics and efficient machines at work.

Artificial Intelligence and Dish Washing

A system such as Self Optimizing Clean in Place uses optical fluorescence and ultrasonic sensing to reach hard places in utensils where bacteria and microbial debris often accumulate. Although it is currently quite large, advances in technology can make it smaller.

Onto manufacturing, AI, and machine learning are continuing to make food production much easier. The best part is that computer scientists are going further with sorting machines that can go through the food process like a cooking expert. This will include picking ripe fruits and the likes. Drones are not only eligible for food delivery; they can also detect food poisoning.

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