Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. While it’s a safe procedure, there are a few things you need to be aware of, especially your diet.

So, what should you prioritise on the menu, and what should you skip? Most breast surgery websites, for example, share tips on dieting after augmentation, but most don’t.

Foods To Eat

If you were not into a protein-rich diet, you will have to give in now that your body needs a lot of proteins to heal. Some dishes that should not miss on your plate include poultry, fish, meat, soy, dairy, beans, eggs, cheese, you name it. But of course, go slow on them as you don’t want to gain weight.

Vitamins A and C will also be vital as they have anti-inflammatory properties and fight the effects of free radicals that can worsen tissue damage.

Foods with zinc and iron are also vital as they build red blood cells and prevent infections.

Foods To Avoid

Before the procedure, keep off meals with vitamins E, D, K, B, A and D, as they have properties that interfere with anaesthesia. This is the same for food with Omega 3 as the omega family tends to thin the blood, increasing bleeding.

After the procedure, you should also stay away from alcohol and caffeine products. Alcohol will thin your blood and dehydrate your body, while caffeine will unnecessarily speed up your heart rate.

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