One of the best things about running your own restaurant is choosing which dishes to serve that actually match your skills. Many chefs are trained in the classic French style of cooking but then do not actually use this knowledge when opening their own business. It seems a shame to know how to cook traditional, delicious French food but then not serve it to your customers. Another fun aspect of having a French restaurant is being able to decorate in a true Parisian style.

Decorating Your French Restaurant

When first setting up a new business, you may not have a large budget to spend on the decor. This is where it pays to know about high-quality yet affordable wall prints from the Desenio website. They have a vast choice of posters printed on premium quality paper with a selection of frames to match. You can spend endless hours scrolling through all the different categories to see what catches your eye.

Bring Paris to Your Diners

The romantic city of Paris is renowned the world over for its fabulous architecture and trendy little restaurants. You can evoke the same atmosphere with a gallery of themed posters from Desenio. One of the available prints is actually called Favorite Things About Paris! It’s a stylish black and white text design that lists typical French desserts such as eclairs, macarons, and crepes. You could even use it as a fun way of showing what is available on your menu.

Showcase Your Coffee

One thing that all French restaurants are known for is their top-class coffee that invites guests to linger after their delicious lunch is over. To bring this to mind, you could opt for coffee-themed prints from Desenio, such as the one called Caffe Latte. Once your diners spot this poster with its steaming cups of coffee sprinkled with chocolate, they won’t be able to resist ordering one. There are actually over 50 coffee posters at Desenio, so you could afford to buy several.

Introduce Your French Wine

What else springs to mind when you think of France? The wine, of course! Alcoholic drinks will have the highest mark-up in your restaurant, so you need to promote them. By having posters from Desenio that depict wine glasses or bottles, it will instantly put your visitors in the mood for a drink. There are over 100 wine-based posters, some of them specifically relating to France. And who can forget delicious French champagne for a bit of sparkle?

A French Menu to Impress

Last but not least is the food. You should include some classic French dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon, Potatoes Dauphinoise, Croque Madame, and Concombre a la Menthe. It goes without saying that Desenio will have appropriate posters to match. Having a visual representation of the food will help your diners make their choice.

Your French restaurant will soon be the talk of the town, renowned for its style, ambience, coffee, delicious food, and wine. Bon appetit!

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